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Rest assured that forensic interviews will arrive quickly and securely with VidaNyx Express.

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FREE for every CAC and MDT agency across the country

Eliminate the stress of delivering forensic interviews and have peace of mind they will arrive securely to the right person within minutes.

"We had a case where abuse was alleged out of state. There was serious concern regarding two other children. The detective was immediately able to view the interview and initiate contact in his jurisdiction. One of the children did disclose and was able to avoid contact with the alleged perpetrator and possibly further abuse."

- Carmen Crabtree, Executive Director, Advocacy Center for Children of Galveston County

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Users can download a forensic interview with one click.

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Free for CACs and MDT agencies in the U.S.

VidaNyx is a founding sponsor and signatory to The protect survivor stories pledge. Our goal is to support every CAC with secure interview sharing. 

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As a way to act on our pledge and goal to help protect survivor stories, we are giving free access to our latest software - VidaNyx Express. Each and every organization that handles child forensic interviews is now empowered to securely send 5 interviews each month, getting these powerful testimonies in investigators' hands in a matter of minutes, saving precious time in the pursuit of justice.

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